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Stay updated with the trendiest topics happening in the global economy! ThinkEcon keeps you filled with latest information regarding economic stories and other important happenings right from the industry experts’ perspectives. With all the stories and events rampaging through the global sector each day, it is important for people to stay connected with things at home, office, or even road at all times. This is where ThinkEcon, a top news app, provides you through exclusive stories, economic happenings, and industry insights from top SMEs. The idea is to give users the perfect blend and experience of textual and visual content without distracting you from the core topic.

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Now consume the latest content related
to the recent economic events worldwide within a few taps on your phone

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    A versatile experience

    Users can browse through a plethora of trendiest topics and go through an informative content piece keeping them updated with the current happenings worldwide.

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    Visual and textual blend

    You can add a variety of visual content including images and videos with the relevant textual facts and figures and create a perfect information piece.

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    Comment & share

    Users can also engage with each other in the app community by commenting on their favorite content pieces and sharing across different social media platforms.

5 Top Categories

Choose your 5 favorite or preferred topics and start reading quality content from that very instant.

Seamless Interface

A smooth interface that allows the users to browse, select, and consume content without any hassle or feeling overwhelmed.

Practical-Based Content

Users get to acquire pieces ranging from broader topics to granular level discussions providing valuable insights from top industry experts.

Social Engagement

Users can comment on the articles, engage with fellow readers on the app, and share the piece on social media platforms to illustrate their findings.

ThinkEcon—Project Delivery Timeline

The steps taken from the preliminary development considerations to the final release of the app.

  • We discuss the core problem the app will solve for the client.
  • Identifying the target user, mobile platforms and devices, and revenue model for the client’s application.
  • Designing the app which involves concentrating on the essentials features in UI and multi-touch gestures for smartphones with respect to the design standards.
  • We select the right approach for app development according to the time and budget constraints of the client.
  • Next we transform your idea into an application prototype keeping intact the basic functionality.
  • Recognize the beta testers, acknowledge their feedback and integrate the necessary ones.
  • We hand over the app to the client through strict deployment management ensuring the integrity of live environment is secure at all times.
  • Capturing powerful metrics for social sharing, funnel analysis, demographic data, time and location, and emergent behavior of the client’s user base.
  • Improvement is a never-ending process and we make regular updates in the client’s app with new, powerful features.
  • Besides the launch, we also offer clients some lightweight marketing endeavors to ensure that their app doesn’t get lost in the countless other names in the app stores.


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