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Stock Sensei

Stock Sensei is a stock market prediction app that allows users to stay connected with the stock exchange world and inquire the past, present, and future of their stocks in an instant. Given the fact that the global stock market today is highly dynamic and unpredictable with a number of reasons influencing its pace and output, it is important for relevant professionals and other interested people to get started with the app right away, only to gauge the performance of their stock like never before. The idea is to help stock brokers and investors become more knowledgeable and better in their decision-making capability

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Take hold of all your stocks without missing
a single fluctuation throughout the day

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    Transparent rates

    genuine, transparent rates for every fluctuation occurring at a given interval. The track percentage alters in real time which users can view for as high as 25 stocks. The entire idea is to gauge the performance of your stock as clearly as possible.

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    Stay updated

    The purpose of keeping you head-to-head with the tiniest fluctuations in your stocks is also understanding the ongoing and upcoming market trends in the stock market. This helps the users to make smart decisions on what to do with their stocks.

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    Choose your favorite stock

    Every stock broker is inclined towards particular types of stocks, and Stock Sensei allows you to keep a close tab on your preferred stocks. Thoroughly examine the fluctuation, trend, and prediction of your stock and compare it with other stocks in the market to make a decision.

Decision-making graphs

Go through self-explanatory, user-friendly graphs which will help you note key figures, fluctuations, and trends to anticipate your next stocks.

Key comparisons

The app will keep you updated with figures in stock value, daily open value, high value, price/earnings ratio, and other important financial management terms.

Create a wishlist

Make your own custom settings while examining your preferred stocks and save ample time from getting lost in a plethora of data.

Precise, transparent rates

Inquire the track changes in real time of around 25 stocks with almost 100% accurate, transparent figures and trends.

Stock Sensei—Project Delivery Timeline

The steps taken from the preliminary development considerations to the final release of the app.

  • We discuss the core problem the app will solve for the client.
  • Identifying the target user, mobile platforms and devices, and revenue model for the client’s application.
  • Designing the app which involves concentrating on the essentials features in UI and multi-touch gestures for smartphones with respect to the design standards.
  • We select the right approach for app development according to the time and budget constraints of the client.
  • Next we transform your idea into an application prototype keeping intact the basic functionality.
  • Recognize the beta testers, acknowledge their feedback and integrate the necessary ones.
  • We hand over the app to the client through strict deployment management ensuring the integrity of live environment is secure at all times.
  • Capturing powerful metrics for social sharing, funnel analysis, demographic data, time and location, and emergent behavior of the client’s user base.
  • Improvement is a never-ending process and we make regular updates in the client’s app with new, powerful features.
  • Besides the launch, we also offer clients some lightweight marketing endeavors to ensure that their app doesn’t get lost in the countless other names in the app stores.


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